What ‘should’ our retirement look like, what are we ‘supposed’ to do, and how do I stop getting old before my time?

They're topics I love exploring with those planning for retirement.

Megan Giles: Retirement Designer for Women

Why am I interested in this area? I am a psychologist (organisational) and career development specialist and I love talking to people about their jobs, their journeys and their goals and how to bring them to life.

I am also conscious that the face of retirement is changing – people approaching retirement are now much more likely to be healthy, active, and have a whole ‘lotta’ living ahead of them. I want to make sure that people get the most out of this time in a way that is responsive to their ideals and goals.

I have seen and heard the obvious benefits of having a robust financial plan in place and I believe that exploring mindset and the non-financial aspects in preparing for retirement provides a fantastic complement to financial planning.

With a background in management consulting I have provided expert support to many organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sector in the areas of workforce planning, team and individual development, and change management. I absolutely loved this work but I also realised... isn’t it strange – we spend all of this time in the workplace strategising and planning for the future success of a business and yet we rarely take the time to do this with our own number one asset – ourselves. This is something that I am committed to encouraging as people approach this major life change.

Outside of work, I am an avid traveller with constantly itchy feet. If I am planning an upcoming trip, I am sated! My favourite times of the day are the early morning when you can find me surfing (poorly) or running (slowly), and the late afternoons when I am happy to be found with a glass or mug in hand gazing out over the ocean.



Master of Organisational Psychology, University of Queensland

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Flinders University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Career Development), ACU



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