What you need to do one month before you retire

Retirement is only a matter of weeks away. It is no longer something that will happen ‘one day’ but rather it is upon you! Before saying ‘adios’ to your job and transitioning into this next chapter of your life, take a moment to reflect and plan your departure.

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Planning for Fun in Retirement

Retirement life is good – you no longer have the pressure of work and your kids have likely moved out of home. You have time to finally get those jobs done like clear out under the house, and you’ve ticked off your immediate to do list. But something’s missing – that fun factor. You have the desire to do something just a little bit ‘out there’ (for you anyway) and have a deep laugh and really feel alive. 

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The Transition to Retirement - Asking ROUK?

When was the last time you stopped to ask someone ‘ RUOK’  or ‘how are you going’? RUOK day is today, the second Thursday in September, and a national day of action reminding people to regularly check in with others. It’s amazing the difference that a smile, a laugh or knowing that someone cares can make to your day!

Appreciating that there are many people who struggle to find their way in retirement - perhaps suffering from a loss of direction, camaraderie or sense of purpose that work previously provided, this can be a really important question to ask.

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How do I stay connected in retirement?

Interestingly, for the majority of people I speak with who are preparing for retirement, their finances are not the thing that worries them most (albeit it is up there). Rather, the sentiment shared is “what’s the point of having money if I can’t enjoy it and spend it with others?”

Becoming lonely and getting old before our time is something that many fear as they step into retirement.

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Am I worthy of being visible?

Whether it’s real or not, the fear exists for many women that once they reach retirement they will slip into obscurity. Introducing oneself simply as a retiree can feel a little inadequate. It doesn’t attract the same respect or interest as being a marketing manager, a nurse unit manager or an academic and suggests (rightly or wrongly) a less full and meaningful life. In short it doesn’t make you feel relevant. Doubt can then start to creep in – am I worthy of being visible?

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I’m not so sure about this… making sense of the transition into retirement

Often when we think about change we think about going from state ‘A’ to state ‘B’, e.g. from working to retirement. The shift into retirement should be simple, right?! So why is it that some of us struggle to navigate the change, especially in the first few months?

The first thing to know is that if you are feeling a little lost, overwhelmed or unsure, you are not alone! The transition into retirement can be a tricky thing to navigate.

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How to Build Your Legacy

In a year that has seen multiple, seemingly unexpected deaths in the celebrity world, most notably that of David Bowie, it has caused many of us to take stock and consider, how will I be remembered? Whilst it may not be on the world stage, all of us have milestones and achievements that we should be proud of and remembered for.  Have you stopped to think what you want your legacy to be, and how your friends and family will remember you when you’re gone?

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It’s not just about the Super, it’s about having a super life!

When we think about retirement, our thoughts tend to go immediately to superannuation and financial planning. But are they the only things we need to consider? What about our day-to-day experience - how our retirement plays out? How do we ensure that is ‘super’? For all of you out there, chances are that life is already pretty sweet (if not somewhat hectic) – you are highly valued at work or in your industry, you are surrounded by amazing family and friends, and there’s plenty going on around you to fill your days. Why should a super lifestyle not continue as we approach the retirement age?

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Health Focus: Why yoga is for everyone – especially those approaching retirement!

 This week’s blog continues the focus on health and well-being and following the insights from personal trainer Gemma Cuskelly last week, I am thrilled to introduce Marita Nicholson, Tullamore yoga instructor.

Marita not only attended a yoga class for the first time in her mid-forties, but went even further and enacted a career change, becoming a yoga instructor. She proves that it’s true – you can make a successful career change at any stage in life! Marita shares her advice and learnings, debunking the myth that yoga is a young person’s pursuit only!

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