What I want to be when I grow up…

If you walk into a kindergarten or prep class and ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, their eyes often fill with wonder and you receive all sorts of inspiring suggestions such as an ‘astronaut’, ‘nurse for horses’, ‘adventurer’, ‘pirate’… The list goes on. Whether it’s a real job or one that hasn’t been created yet, it doesn’t matter – at that age anything is possible.

When does it change? When do we decide that we have to be more ‘sensible’? At some stage we are hit with a dose of reality and determine that we need more ‘practical’ career goals?

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Investing in yourself for retirement – you are your own number one asset

We spend much of our time at work strategising and planning to ensure that projects are delivered on time, products are developed to a high quality and we are responsive to the needs of our clients. When we talk about strategic plans in the workplace we often focus on the five year future, detailing what an organisation’s priorities will be and how it will direct its energies.

We spend all this effort to make sure we get things just right at work, so why do we not do it with our own number one asset ‘ourselves’? This is particularly relevant when we start to think about retirement. Do we stop and think to make sure that we are happy, or more importantly that we will lead a meaningful life once we exit the full time workforce?

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4 People to see to plan for retirement

In planning for retirement, I bet there are plenty of items on your to-do list! They might include travelling, playing golf, bushwalking or taking up cycling. Most likely there are some assumptions built into that list, for example that you will have good health, that you'll be mobile, that you'll have the funds available that you expect.

It is not unreasonable to expect these things, but what are you doing today to help ensure that they are the case? Too often we get caught up in the busyness of life and put off those appointments we know we need to make. We think “yeah, yeah I’ll get to that tomorrow”. Suddenly six months have passed and we still haven’t been to see the doctor, the dentist or the skin specialist.

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Planning for Fun in Retirement

Retirement life is good – you no longer have the pressure of work and your kids have likely moved out of home. You have time to finally get those jobs done like clear out under the house, and you’ve ticked off your immediate to do list. But something’s missing – that fun factor. You have the desire to do something just a little bit ‘out there’ (for you anyway) and have a deep laugh and really feel alive. 

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