Retirement planning: Your financial stock looks good but what about your emotional stock?

Our first priority when we think about retirement planning is ensuring that we have our financial stock in order. Your retirement portfolio might include savings, assets, investments and perhaps a plan to draw a pension. Without a doubt, robust and informed financial planning is critical to a successful retirement in that it positions you for greatest flexibility in terms of how you live your life after work. But it is not the only piece of the retirement readiness puzzle to consider.

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Checklist for planning your social life in retirement

Retirement is a significant life stage that can impact both your home and social life. Taking the leap of leaving the workplace behind is no doubt an exciting move, however, it’s important to ensure you plan ahead. According to transition consultant, Megan Giles, adequately preparing for the significant shift in your day-to-day interactions is key to a smooth transition.

“By working, socialising is automatic. You’ve got someone to have lunch with and you interact with your colleagues (whether you like it or not). People often expect to have an exciting and fulfilling retirement, but that doesn’t automatically happen, you need to take some time to action that. Don’t wait until day one. Plan forward the social aspects of your retirement now,” Megan says.

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What should retirement look like for women over 60?

Why is it that some women struggle with 'what's next' and how to spend their time in retirement? The prospect of retirement should be an exciting time with so much freedom, but for many women this can actually create a sense of anxiousness. It is unchartered territory – what ‘should’ our retirement look like, what are we ‘supposed’ to do?

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How do I stay connected in retirement?

Interestingly, for the majority of people I speak with who are preparing for retirement, their finances are not the thing that worries them most (albeit it is up there). Rather, the sentiment shared is “what’s the point of having money if I can’t enjoy it and spend it with others?”

Becoming lonely and getting old before our time is something that many fear as they step into retirement.

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Is happiness really what we’re all after in retirement?

I posted a quote on my Facebook page recently “my only KPI should be am I happy” and interestingly it stimulated quite a lot of discussion! This was a quote was taken from a recent conversation with one switched-on and highly successful lady in which she was reflecting on workplace priorities coupled with the positive change us she anticipated in retirement. i.e. we get to focus on what is important to us rather than what motivates our bosses. This, however, raised a question with others - is it actually healthy to strive to be ‘happy’ (i.e. cheerful) all of the time?

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