Retirement planning: my wife has it sorted, what am I going to do?

One advantage that men have when it comes to retirement is that they are typically in a stronger financial position when compared with women. Without the expectation to take time out of their careers to raise a family or care for others, more often than not they have done all of the 'right' things; worked hard, looked after their family and have a healthy superannuation balance. They have the financial side of retirement planning sorted, but often haven't stopped to think about the non-financial aspects. For example what are they going to actually do with their days? There is only so much golf one can play, and what if you don't enjoy golf?!

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How forgiveness benefits your health

Holding onto anger can never be a good thing. By the time we reach the retirement age it is inevitable that at some stage we have been hurt by actions or words of another. But holding onto that grudge requires much energy and over time this can pose problems for our physical health. There are real benefits to embracing the path of forgiveness

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Creating a retirement you love to live

The startling reality is that the majority of people spend more time planning for a four week holiday than they do a 20-30 year retirement. Just think about the effort that goes into planning a holiday – likely you have itineraries, booking references and travel guides littering your dining table! So why don’t we plan for retirement? And more importantly, what happens if we don’t plan effectively for retirement?

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Why it is okay to slow down in retirement

Retirement is all about slowing down and finally having time to do the things you have always wanted to do. You count down the days but when retirement actually arrives, the pace of life can be a bit of a shock, especially when you have come from a demanding job in which people depended on you to make decisions, achieve outcomes and to develop others. You thrive on pressure and deadlines and now you feel a little... lonely and lost. You don’t feel needed and the days seem never-ending.

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Is your home retirement ready?

As Darryl Kerrigan says in The Castle “it’s not a house, it’s a home” and if you’re nearing retirement it’s likely that you’ll be spending more time at home when work no longer consumes the majority of your waking hours. So what are you doing to make your home retirement-ready – a place where you truly enjoy spending time?

Good utilisation of space can make a huge difference and this article shares four tips to help ensure that your home reflects your retirement lifestyle.

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Sleep well and love life in retirement!

What if someone told you that improving the quality of your sleep would positively influence your experience of retirement? That the quality of your sleep impacts how you step into each day and respond to the opportunities and challenges that are presented to you?

The value of sleep is unfortunately often overlooked as we struggle to fit more and more into our already busy days. In recognition of this I share the advice of wellbeing coach and change specialist Bev Roberts, of Living Fabulously with Bev, who approaches wellbeing holistically and emphasises the importance of sleep, an approach which is strongly supported by research.

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Inner Beauty Shining Through in Retirement

Sonya Maree Kok is one amazing woman whose dream is that by ‘being beautiful souls and helping others to do the same we are collectively creating a beautiful world that is sustainable for many generations to come’. Through portraiture photography and creative life coaching Sonya Maree empowers women of all ages to feel visible, uplifted and confident. She recognises that this is particularly important amongst women preparing for retirement. Our identity changes as we step away from the workforce and in a society that places so much emphasis on youth, one can suddenly feel less visible and relevant.

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What you need to do one month before you retire

Retirement is only a matter of weeks away. It is no longer something that will happen ‘one day’ but rather it is upon you! Before saying ‘adios’ to your job and transitioning into this next chapter of your life, take a moment to reflect and plan your departure.

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Checklist for planning your social life in retirement

Retirement is a significant life stage that can impact both your home and social life. Taking the leap of leaving the workplace behind is no doubt an exciting move, however, it’s important to ensure you plan ahead. According to transition consultant, Megan Giles, adequately preparing for the significant shift in your day-to-day interactions is key to a smooth transition.

“By working, socialising is automatic. You’ve got someone to have lunch with and you interact with your colleagues (whether you like it or not). People often expect to have an exciting and fulfilling retirement, but that doesn’t automatically happen, you need to take some time to action that. Don’t wait until day one. Plan forward the social aspects of your retirement now,” Megan says.

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What I want to be when I grow up…

If you walk into a kindergarten or prep class and ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, their eyes often fill with wonder and you receive all sorts of inspiring suggestions such as an ‘astronaut’, ‘nurse for horses’, ‘adventurer’, ‘pirate’… The list goes on. Whether it’s a real job or one that hasn’t been created yet, it doesn’t matter – at that age anything is possible.

When does it change? When do we decide that we have to be more ‘sensible’? At some stage we are hit with a dose of reality and determine that we need more ‘practical’ career goals?

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Men and women: the differences in what we look forward to in retirement

We all look forward to spending more time with the significant people in their lives in retirement, but when that definition of ‘significant others’ differs, trouble can arise. This is what a recent study conducted in the US looking at gender differences suggests. The study purports that men look forward to spending quality time with their spouses in retirement whereas women are more likely to be planning to spend more time with the wider family unit.

Have you thought about the people you most look forward to sharing your retirement with and what this might mean for you and your partner?

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Am I the only one who hasn't planned for retirement?

According to a recent survey 53% of retirees reported that they’d done “hardly any” planning for leisure time in the next twelve months. Sure, you’re certainly not alone when it comes to not having a plan for life after work, but that doesn’t mean that planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement is not important. The last thing you want is for retirement to become a long, lonely and bleak journey.

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Retirement Questions for the New Year

If you are retired or have spoken with friends who have retired, you quickly learn that there is more to retirement planning than just your superannuation balance. Without a doubt good, robust financial planning is critical to positioning yourself for greatest flexibility in deciding how and when you will retire, but the health and wellbeing elements are just as vital.

So why not take a few moments at the beginning of the year (now!) to focus on what will be important to you and what you’d like to change or improve in the coming year. From a wellbeing perspective, what will enable you to look back in twelve months and confidently say you enjoyed a year that was fulfilling and meaningful to you?

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