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Retirement Planning: Looking Beyond the Finances


Becoming lonely and getting old before your time is something you might fear about stepping into retirement. You’ve seen your parents or a neighbour become old before their time – they sit in front of the TV, rarely leave the house and allow their world to become smaller and smaller. You are adamant this won’t be you. You are going to remain active, relevant and willing to give new things a go!

Regardless of professional or personal success in life to date, the fear of retirement can strike anyone. Whilst retirement should be a time of great excitement, for you the thought of it creates a sense of dread. But what do you do? You push it to the back of your mind, delay retirement for that bit longer and instead focus on the tasks at hand.

You know you need to do some planning, however, the challenge is that you’re stumped…you don’t know where to start in terms of thinking about how you might like to spend your time once work no longer fills your days!

Alternatively you’re apprehensive about what is going to give you that sense of accomplishment once your career is over or the kids no longer rely on you.

If this rings true, then the Retirement Planning: Looking Beyond the Finances program is for you.

In this six part program via Skype or telephone we will:

  • Explore the retirement transition process, what it might mean for you, and strategies to smooth your individual journey
  • Understand what you want to get out of this next stage in life – is it ‘retirement’ in the true sense of the word or a different approach to work (and both are exciting opportunities)
  • Test any assumptions and fears you might be holding about retirement (however deep you’ve buried them!) and counter them with practical actions
  • Consider what your retirement might mean to the people who matter most to you and get them on board with your goals and dreams.
  • Strategies to broach the retirement discussion at work that leaves you feeling in control of your plan
  • Determine a manageable (not overwhelming!) number of steps you can take now to ensure that you are ready to step into retirement with confidence!


  • A sense of preparedness and positivity when you think about your retirement.
  • Confidence to navigate the retirement transition successfully, not simply leaving it to chance
  • A personalised action plan that will position you for a retirement that is fulfilling and meaningful to you

 The Retirement Planning: Looking Beyond the Finances program is $470 AUD.

By investing in yourself via this one-on-one program you will receive:

  • 6 X 60 min sessions via video-conferencing (e.g. Skype or Zoom) or telephone, typically scheduled one week apart*. The program approach is structured, however, each session will be tailored to your specific circumstances
  • If the sessions are via video, you will receive a recording of each session so that you can revisit the discussion points at any time
  • Session handouts to capture your thoughts, ideas and actions and enable you to take informed steps forward
  • Unlimited email contact between sessions to ensure you don’t become stumped and do make progress throughout the program
  • One Month Follow-Up post final session via email (because I want you to succeed!)

*please feel free to contact me regarding in-person sessions


I wish you the very best on your journey and I look forward to working with you!