Effective Management of an Ageing Workforce Seminar Series

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Is the management of an ageing workforce on your agenda?

Most likely it’s not because only 20% of Australian organisations have an ageing workforce strategy in place. That’s okay at this stage because I know you have no shortage of competing priorities, however, here is a top tip – get ready to tackle it.

Given that the average age of intended retirement is currently 65 years, it suggests that a mass exodus could occur in the next ten years. If this does eventuate, the loss of knowledge, experience and expertise would be substantial. Could your organisation afford this loss?


The challenge for Australian organisations is that the workforce is ageing and that means that we need to think differently about how we attract, engage and retain our staff.

If you know that this is soon to be a real issue for you and your organisation (if not already!), come and join me for the Managing an Ageing Workforce Seminar Series in 2018.

Series objectives:

  • To ensure that you as a manager are on the front foot in understanding and preparing for the next big challenge you will be facing as it relates to people management
  • To equip you with practical tools and techniques which you can tailor and implement in your own organisation
  • To tackle the key worry that so many managers grapple with – initiating the retirement conversation and managing mature workers in a way that is positive for both
  • To network with like-minded professionals and share the collective knowledge and experience of the group

What will you walk away with?

These are practical, interactive sessions and so you will walk away armed with tools, resources and approaches to use within your organisation straight away.

This seminar series is not simply a teaser of what you could do and there will be no hard sell. You will have tangible actions to take forward.

I am passionate about ensuring people successfully transition into retirement and appreciate that there are multiple factors that impact their experience, including the level of manager support.  I also recognise that the ageing workforce is a challenge that will affect all organisations.

As such, I want to set you up for success.

The seminar series comprises four sessions:

  1. Introduction to managing an ageing workforce (Tuesday 6 February 2018)
  2. Having the retirement conversation the right way (Thursday 1 March 2018)
  3. Managing older workers for engagement, innovation and great business outcomes (Tuesday 27 March 2018)
  4. Flexible work practices and how to make them work for your organisation (Tuesday 17 April 2018)

Who should attend?

  • Whether your organisation is big or small, this is a challenge that will be affecting everyone and so all interested managers, team leaders, business owners, people and culture professionals are welcome (and encouraged!).
  • Are you an aspiring manager? Come along, learn about the current trends and start your management career on the front foot.

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Come for one session or all four (check out the Ticket Bundle Offer) and join me as we explore how you can best to support and engage mature workers in a way that benefits all, yourself included!