You’ve had a look at the Retirement Planning: Looking Beyond the Finances and Reset Retirement: Finding Your Groove in Life After Work and a six session program is a little more than you require.

I understand completely. Sometimes you just need some reassurance that you’re on the right track or a little nudge in the right direction. Perhaps you want an independent sounding board to test your ideas and plans as you prepare for retirement or some support as you adjust to life in after (paid) work.

Next Steps_My Way.png

If this sounds like you then a Next Steps: My Way 90 min planning session might be just what you need! The focus of this single session will be guided by you and what you most need at this point in time (I can help you to narrow this down), but it could include:

  • reinvigorating life in retirement
  • initiating your retirement preparation
  • how you’ll stay relevant and connected to people
  • what to do with the amazing skills, energy and ideas you have
  • how prevent slowing  down too soon and getting old before your time
  • articulating and challenging your key concerns and fears about life in retirement (trust me, they're much less intimidating when they are out in the open and down on paper)

Regardless of the focus, all Next Steps: My Way sessions include the development of a manageable number of key actions that you can take right now to help shape a life in retirement you will love to live!

The Next Steps: My Way session is $97 AUD. By investing in yourself and booking this session you will receive:

  • 90 minute personal video or telephone session
  • If the session is via video, you will receive a recording so that you can revisit the discussion points at any time
  • Action Plan with tasks and goals clearly defined
  • One Month Follow-Up via email (because I want you to succeed!)

You can book your session by emailing me at

If you are unsure whether this is right for you, why don't we have a free 15min Virtual Cuppa whereby we can chat about anything that is worrying you as it relates to retirement and determine is this is something that I may be able to help you with. Again, just email me at and we will schedule our cuppa.

I wish you the very best on your journey and I look forward to working with you!