Have you considered Retirement Designer Workshops as a workforce engagement strategy or point of difference?

Did you know that one in four people in the Australian population are aged over 55 and that this figure is likely to increase to one in three within the next decade? That is a significant number of people considering their transition out of the workforce - is this statistic reflected in your workforce? There is a great wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience within this group, and did you know that many of them are pondering 'what's next', e.g.:

  • do I want to retire just yet?
  • do I keep working but reduce hours?
  • can I move into more of a mentoring/advising role and help develop others?
  • can I stay connected to my organisation once I leave?

Some can't wait to retire while others want to keep working and continue to contribute. Either way, investing in a Designing Retirement Workshop is a great way for organsations to value their employees and help them navigate this next stage of life. For staff who want to stay, the workshop discussion helps them to understand the options available to them and how they align with their goals and desires. For those who are ready to step away from work, a designing retirement workshop presents a positive way to acknowledge and support their decision.

The goal is to ensure great outcomes and value for participants.

Workplace workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of both your organisation and staff. Please contact me to find out more.